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Jennifer Hudson recently got engaged to her boyfriend, David Otunga aka Punk from VH1’s I Love New York 2. Here’s the statement released by PEOPLE magazine:

“I can confirm that Jennifer got engaged to her boyfriend David on Friday night in L.A.” says the rep. Otunga, who is known as “Punk” from the reality show I Love New York 2, popped the question with a Neil Lane diamond ring on the Dreamgirls Oscar winner’s 27th birthday. The couple, who have been dating less than a year, both hail from Chicago. Professionally, it is a busy time for Hudson as well. Her debut solo album, Jennifer Hudson, will be in stores Sept. 30, and her next film, The Secret Life of Bees opens on Oct. 17.

WTF??? Ok…is it just me or does Punk from VH1’s I Love New York 2 have a way too much sugar in his tank to be proposing to a woman? His 15 minutes of fame must be dwindling rapidly or something cause you, me and him all know he does not swing on the straight edge.

I mean, seriously…if it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck, its a duck. Word to the wise, Jenny-boo, when he starts begging for anal sex on an ongoing basis, you better run for your life cause he is about to set you up for the okie doke and have you looking like Terry McMillan out here.

Speaking of Terry McMillan…I know I’m not the only one who thinks Punk looks like the spitting image of Terry’s formally downlow and now out-of-the-closet gay ex husband Jonathan Plummer.

(Punk is on the left. Jonathan Plummer on the right. I know, I can’t tell the difference either.)

I’m just saying…


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