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What is wrong with people?

I go on facebook today and a friend of mine has ALL his business in his status about his (seemingly petty) argument with his girlfriend. She’s on his virtual wall complaining and cursing him out about what he’s doing. Honestly, I could go without knowing that she farts during sex and doesn’t take showers on weekends.

Ok, so maybe it IS funny (although probably very far from the truth) but really this is waaaaaaaaaay too much information for me. Evidently yesterday, he accused her of cheating on him and being phony. On her page, she accused him of having an herpes and being a closet homosexual.


How immature is this? Ok, come on…guess. How old do you think these two are? Three seconds: 1…2…3…times up! 23 and 26. No joke. I swear!

What is this foolishness? I am at a total loss for words. I hope they read this and realize how much they suck.

For future reference folks: don’t put your biz all out on the internet! You’ll end up looking like a loser and who’s to say you and this person won’t reconcile? Then you’ll have all this crap to sort through and all the hurt associated with your actions. Now you’ve got to try to regain trust on top of getting through whatever problems you had to begin with. It’s bad enough when people go run their mouths to others, let alone spreading it like wildfire on the ‘net.


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