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Simon & Garfunkel’s 1967 hit, Mrs. Robinson was about an older woman dating a younger man—what we today would call “cougars” (whoever came up with that name should be shot, but I digress…) Likewise, 15 year old Miley Cyrus is currently dating a 20 year old underwear model. And daddy Billy Ray Cyrus actually approves! Am I the only one who sees a problem with this?

I mean, he’s not old old, but he’s way too old for her. Shoot, when I was 14, I was going out with a guy that was 17 and my mom pitched a fit—and that was only a 3 year difference! At the age of 20, what could you possibly want from a 15 year old other than sex? Their maturity levels are bound to be in two way different places. What does this guy possibly have in common with her other than the fact that they’re both in Hollywood? Heck, at 21, most folks are doing their best to avoid the 18 and up nightclubs. So again…at 20, what is the connection here?

Furthermore, who is this dude anyway? He’s apparently some underwear model named Justin Gaston, but after asking around the office, no one’s even heard of this guy. Miley is a HUGE star, so perhaps he’s trying to boost is own career by getting with somebody of Miley’s caliber. Oh, and how convenient…he’s also an aspiring country singer. Go figure.

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that this dude is to K-Fed what Miley is to Britney. Get in, get the booty, get the money, and get out. Whatever his motive, I guarantee he’s tapping that. Don’t think so? Here’s a pic of our girl Miley watching her man as he walks the runway at the Christian Audigier show.


There’s a certain innocence a 15 year old has (or at least, should have). Billy, Miley and me all know these two are sleeping together. Seriously, what does want with her other than noteriety and sex?

The things you want out of life at 15 are so vastly different from what you want at 20. And besides, he’s an underwear model! Does he not know what kind of trouble he can get in messing around with her? He better not pull a Nick Jonas and break her heart. There will be a statutory rape case on him so fast he’ll be calling Carl Thomas and “wishing he’d never met her”. I’m not so sure about the laws surrounding this, but this guy might have saved his butt by having Billy Ray publically “approve” of this relationship.

Either way, I think this is a case of bad parenting. Sounds like Billy is trying to play the friend role, as opposed to the parent role.

I’m really upset about this and I don’t even have kids. I do, however, have a 15 year old nephew, and although I’m his favorite auntie (albeit, his only auntie), he would see a whole other side of “Auntie” if he came sauntering around me with some old woman five years his senior. His mom (my sister), his grandma & grandpa (my parents) and I would certainly not be approving of whatever he’d call himself doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand the euphoria of being a teen and attrating and older suitor. At 17, I had the manager of the hottest clothing store in the city trying to date me. (Dating a manager would have gotten me major cool points. Come on, cut me some slack, I was a 16 year old fry girl at Burger King for crying out loud—shout out to Jamal and his broomstick, haha.) This guy was 24 and super cute. And even at 16, I knew what the deal was. here is nothing we had in common other than his 10% discount that I wanted. I didn’t date him and I didn’t sleep with him either. He probably would have hit it and quit it without a doubt and tried to play me on the discount in the end.

Ok, so that was an eight year difference, but follow me here. The principle remains. He is waaay too old for her and Billy knows what’s up. He needs to get a clue and help preseve his daughter’s innocence for as long as possible, which I’m positive is already hard as heck to do in Hollywood. Once it’s gone, there’s no turning back.


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