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Women Choose Finance Over Character

Posted on: November 17, 2008

This post comes courtesy of Tony over at Time to Man Upwomen_counting_money. Be sure to check him out when you’re done over here.

Recently, I had the privilege of sitting down and having a drink with an older mature gentleman (probably twice my age). Something that I recommend young men do more often. It’s a great way to learn about our past as men while closing the history gap.

We were conversing back and forth on the mounting lack of respect between men and women. Kids- born out of wedlock, the death of chivalry, and the increasing rate of failing marriages. By the middle of the discussion, I had already come to the conclusion that many of these problems are from the declining value of what lies between a woman’s legs. Don’t misunderstand me; I am not talking about “tricking” …

A man no longer has to put FORTH much effort. Many of today’s women have dropped the bar and made it extremely easy, for any ol’ Joe with finances to get inside her precious treasure. A woman’s body is no longer reserve for the man that treats her with respect and earns her heart. It’s now reserve for the sugar daddy, the highest bidder, and big spenders.

In my opinion some things are just too valuable to sell. You see, when something is for sale that means any dummy with money can buy it. There are no background checks, character witnesses, or goals.

In short, the true essence of a man is overlooked for his financial wealth. Which, in the long run doesn’t mean much. All you have is an idiot with money; who has no idea nor cares how to treat a woman with respect.

Back then, a man had to prove himself before sleeping with a woman. To sum it up, he had to work for the goods. Men had to provide evidence that they were worthy and simply playing sugar daddy wasn’t good enough. A man was measured by his goals, LIFE intentions and realness.

What went wrong!

Things WENT wrong when women lowered the bar from a man’s character to his clothes and whips. This opened the DOOR for a lot of fake dudes to get in (financially stable men who have no real character)…no genuine intentions of loving her, taking care of his kids, or even marriage.

I remember as a young BOY my mother use to say “You can only sell what they’re buying.” Which means it’s easy to SELL bs, if THEY’RE buying bs. I suggest women look more into a man’s character instead of his pocket and bank account. And keeping their legs closed long enough to SEE HIS TRUE qualities.

You can forge many things, but it’s hard as hell to fake character. I’m not saying it can’t be done but very few people can do it.

But then again….This is just MY philosophy…What’s yours?


5 Responses to "Women Choose Finance Over Character"

In contrast, I’ve been privy to many recent conversations in which ladies badly treated the gentlemen who took them out. I’ve heard many comments like: “Oh, he didn’t even try to kiss me on our first date, he must not be into me.” or “He doesn’t seem to want me, he must be gay.”

As a guy who grew up with a lot of sisters and was constantly prodded to “not be like that” and to “treat girls with respect,” I’ve been on the losing end of enough of those comments to see how rewarding it might seem to be a pig.

If ladies closely examine their priorities (this is for guys too) and find that material goods mean the most to them: then mr. moneybags might be the best bet. But if money itself shows low on the honest list of priorities, then it’s time to start looking for dates using a different measurement.

Does he make you laugh?
When he makes you cry, will he honestly apologize and apologize again when you turn him down the first time?
Does he have things in his life that he’s passionate about? (video games, beer, and high-end sports cars don’t count)

If a lady is dating a wealthy dude, it might make sense to imagine what he’d be like in a pair of sweatpants, driving a Toyota Corolla, and going to Wendy’s. If he’d still be fun, he’s a catch. If not, forget the Prada. Get some clicky shoes from Payless and strut after a man who’ll make you smile!

That’s where my thoughts head.


But then again….This is just MY philosophy…What’s yours?

Supply and demand.
Respect for ourselves.
Live and let live.
As the world turns.
History repeats itself.

I have many points I can make, but the bottom line is that I’m responsible for myself and direction in life. One of the reasons I’m not a player; I choose not to be 🙂

Great post. I think it’s important for people to talk about this. I recently wrote a post on my blog about what I meant by “successful” when I said a guy was successful. I’m not talking about money. When I say a guy is successful, I’m talking about the whole person (happy, emotionally healthy, balanced…). I’ve known a lot of unsuccessful wealthy people who I wouldn’t want to wake up with in the morning.

Hello there!

Barack mentions in interviews that he repeatedly asked Michelle for dates and she kept saying “NO!” She was an Ivy League attorney and so was he..she was NOT acting like he was just the catch of the century…

She did not have babies out of wedlock with Ray-Ray and Na-Nah down the block when he met her either…

Michelle was well-educated and well-disciplined in her life and THAT was important in the way that she was able to marry well.

She did not have her first child until she was 32 years old…so she was not a woman who was popping out babies as SOON as the wedding was over…she TOOK HER TIME to develop a solid marriage.

Many sistas are idolizing what Michelle has without thinking about the choices and the values Michelle had in order to BE where she is….

First time on this blog, but I must say nice read, and some good points along the lines.

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