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The Douchebag Strikes Again

Posted on: October 23, 2008

Remember my colleague with the douchebag husband? Well he’s done it again.

Today is my coworker’s birthday and she was worried her husband would forget again. Fortunately for him, he didn’t. He simply called her and said “Happy Birthday. Gotta go.”  (He’s a real winner, I’m telling you. Reminds me of an ex of mine…but I digress… [no cups, India!]  Why didn’t he say happy birthday when they woke up this morning? Methinks he did forget and somebody reminded him.)

Anyway, I tend to get flowers from my guy reguarly at work (shout out to my boo!). Our offices are very close to each other and when they arrive she always complains often about how the doucebag gave her flowers once when they were dating ten years ago and how she’d love to get flowers at work one day. TEN YEARS AGO! (*sigh*)

So four of us got together and decided to have flowers delivered to her for her bday. When they arrived, she was so excited, as she assumed they were from the douchebag. She goes, “Oh my goodenss, he didn’t!” (I’m thinking, No…he really didn’t.) So she opens the card and sees its from us, giggles a little and goes, “Thanks guys,” while sounding really disappointed because they weren’t from him. It wasn’t a “Thanks guys!”…it was more “Thanks guys…”, you know what I mean?  😦 This makes me sad.


1 Response to "The Douchebag Strikes Again"

Sounds like your friend needs a change in her life. That is sad, for real 😦 Down with the Douchebag Movement.

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