If It Walks Like a Duck…

Pure Foolishness: Quote of the Day

Posted on: October 3, 2008

This morning while having a conversation with two colleagues, colleague A says to colleague B:


“I’m sorry that your husband is such a douchebag.”


In honor of all the douchebags out there spreading their never-ending douchebaggery, here is a coupon from the guys at Vegas.com. No, it’s not a joke, this coupon code actually works.


3 Responses to "Pure Foolishness: Quote of the Day"

Wow… I know a couple of douchebags myself…

[…] you know what I mean?  😦 This makes me sad. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Quote of the DayHappy Birthday!Happy Birthday, Erik!The Little […]

has any one seen my foot? I can’t find it…oh wait!! it’s. in. my. butt. i love ya.

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