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Souljah Boy’s Biggest Fans Get Hitched

Posted on: September 19, 2008

Slightly off topic:

But is this for real?

It’s one thing to be strapped for cash, this is just…ugh…i have no words…


5 Responses to "Souljah Boy’s Biggest Fans Get Hitched"

This is such a problem. Why???

Could have been worse. It could have been a nudist wedding……..with the bride and groom being AARP members.

They don’t look to strapped for cash to me – they look like they are in a very nice Banquet Hall or something.

What is the Uh about CAUSE they decided not to go broke putting on airs for the rest of the world or is it because they embraced their mutual passion for hip hop (if that is the culture they know and Love then let it be) I actually respect the couple and think they are smart for NOT falling into societies idea of what a wedding is suppose to be ($$$)

Besides that what the H*LL does money have to do with LOVE and to the happy couple I say DON’T listen to the HATERS cause they are everywhere and not one of them are going to be there to pay your bills or take care of you when you get sick

Just let them Hate!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! And remember to ALWAYS put God first in your life in order to succeed


This is classless and hood. Period.

[…] did you really think the hood-fab weddings were over? NOPE! This lovely couple decided having their wedding reception at McDonald’s was […]

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